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Blurred Edges by Kurt Bensworth

Is it possible that love can find you twice in a lifetime?

Divorced, heartbroken, and searching for a new start, Nicholas Pajak no longer believes in love. How could he? His ex-wife had betrayed him, leaving behind empty closets and picture frames as she walked out the door.  

Nick gave up on his old life, career, and moved to another town, took a job he didn’t need, and tried to begin again.  

Blurred Edges

. . . is a story about the wonderful ways life can surprise you. Avenues once thought closed were opened. How a chance telephone call could be turned into an opportunity someone new. 
Set in the Orange County area, California, Blurred Edges begins with Nick’s relocation. There, he hoped for seclusion—free from any hurt. His heart had grown calloused and deemed love to be nothing more than a myth. Then he stumbled upon a simple gold ring that altered everything and him to her.
Mary Berean, eccentric in her own way, came from a dysfunctional family. Divorced once, she continued to have an unmovable faith in love. Mary tried to keep her past hidden but was tormented by the “Black Dreams” caused from the family curse.

Discovery of Mary’s secrets tested Nick’s love. He wondered at what point do you really know someone. 

An extraordinary, moving story that explores the limitation of how far one would go for love.  
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What Love Looks Like by Kurt Bensworth

Do you remember your first love?

Kent Huffman remembers his—all too well. For years he has been haunted by unrelenting dreams of her. He often wonders if he had swallowed his pride and simply made the call that day, his life might have turned out differently.

What Love Looks Like

. . . is an unforgettable story about the surprising paths our lives often take by the decisions we make. Does love ever really die or is it merely covered up by the layers of time?

Set amid the burgeoning areas of Orange County, California, in the 1970s, What Love Looks Like begins when Kent is sixteen. At that age, he is not exactly the all-American type. His long blond hair, passion for surfing, smoking habit, and motorcycle make him just the sort of guy parents love to hate. Growing up in a violent, secret-laden family, his world is anything but loving. That is until he meets her.

Opal Milton is quite the opposite; she is part of the class of "haves." Wealthy and well educated, the Miltons strictly adhere to the governing principles of the church. Opal is different—something stirs deep inside her and she questions if there's more to life than the direction intended by her mother. She battles between the trappings of tradition and the exposed reality of Kent's love.

Ultimately, this is a bittersweet tribute to youth remembered and the burning desire to ask "What if?"

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