Blurred Edges by Kurt Bensworth

A Passage from Blurred Edges: 

A Novel by Kurt Bensworth
     Mary stepped into the room. 
     “We’ll be fine,” Kent said to the attendant. 
     The attendant acknowledged Kent and shut the door, leaving the three of them alone. Mary took a seat at the opposite end of the table from Nick, as far away from him as possible, and then stared down into her lap. Kent sat between them.
     “Mary, look at me,” Kent said. “I brought Nick to see you.”
     Mary raised her eyes, focusing first on her brother, and then on Nick. A wisp of a smile crossed her lips, and then quickly vanished. 
     Mary’s eyes narrowed. “Why are you looking at me? What? I must look like a mess. Don’t.”
     Nick gazed into her eyes, trying to find her.
     “You never did say too much. And the things you did are running through my head like ripples from a stone thrown into lake. Always, endless. . . . Can you stay awhile? You’ve come for me? How lovely.” She smiled.
     Nick glanced at Kent and whispered, “The medication?”
     “There aren’t any secrets in this room,” Kent snapped. “Mary, Nick needs to know if you’re feeling better because of the medication.”
     Mary’s focus remained on Nick.
     “I want to go home, Nicky. Please, Nicky, take me home now. I’m scared and want to be with you.”
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About Kurt...

I am a native Californian—born and raised. Other than the two years I lived in Hawaii, where my first child was born, I have lived exclusively in the Los Angeles/Orange County areas. 

My journey on becoming an author has been considerably unorthodox as compared to the majority of working authors. 
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A Passage from What Love Looks Like

     ..."Milton. I'm Opal Lynn Milton," she announced proudly, sitting straight up and then crossing her right leg over her left knee in an overtly feminine gesture.

     "And who are you exactly, Miss Opal Lynn Milton?... What lies underneath?"

     I could tell she was giving it some thought. Was she going to be honest or feed me a line of bull? I stayed silent, giving her time to decide as I gazed upon her delicate lips.

     She stared out into the street for a time and then finally replied, "I like waking up to rainy days and hearing the rain splash off the roof. Sometimes I curl up in bed and just listen. The sound of the water drops are magical...for each rain drop that you hear, somebody's wish is being granted." She paused and then looked at me.

     "I like the way I feel when I cry at a stupid romance movie. Oh ... and I love the smell of Mom's homemade bread. One whiff two blocks away and I can tell she's been baking....How's that?"

     "Wow, that's good." My god, who was this girl , I thought.

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