About Kurt...

I am a native Californian—born and raised. Other than the two years I lived in Hawaii, where my first child was born, I have lived exclusively in the Los Angeles/Orange County areas. 

My journey on becoming an author has been considerably unorthodox as compared to the majority of working authors. I don't hold a college degree in English Literature or Language and I've never worked or spent time in the literary or publishing industries. In fact, about the only thing I have in common with most other writers is my love of books. 

I do hold two degrees: a B.A. degree in Political Science from UCLA, and a B.S. degree in Accounting from Chapman University, Orange, CA. I paid for both degrees by working odd jobs and gambling. Yes, I wrote gambling, though I prefer the term "calculated risk."

Certainly, I'm not endorsing any type of "calculated risk" to secure one's financial means for an education. On the contrary, I believe in the old-fashioned way of making money; you should earn it. I was one of the lucky ones, but that's another story.
After college, I worked in the tax and accounting fields while doubling up on a second job umpiring professional tennis. I worked both fields simultaneously for eighteen years. Having good fortune during the real estate boom and other successful investing, I was able to retire early at the age of forty-five. 

I then sat down and wrote my first book What Love Looks Like. Years later, I completed Blurred Edges, which is the second installment of my planned trilogy. Each book can stand on its own merits but, Blurred Edges provides surprising revelations not revealed in the first book. 

Writing has allowed me to live various colorful lives (many would argue not so different from my own). For every sentence I’ve written down, in some ways, I’ve lived it. Though, the facts and circumstances are fictional, the feelings expressed were all very real. 

On a relationship level, I have been married over twenty years and have two wonderful children. Again, I'm one of the lucky ones.

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